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Recently published problem books (by all publishers). Please let us know if we are missing any.

Terence Tao
Solving Mathematical Problems
Oxford University Press
112 pages
ISBN 0-19-920560-4
Titu Andreescu and Dorin Andrica
Number Theory : A Problem-Solving Approach
300 pages
ISBN 081763245X
Titu Andreescu and Razvan Gelca
Putnam and Beyond
550 pages
ISBN 0-387-25765-9
Dusan Djukic, Vladimir Z. Jankovic, Ivan Matic, and Nikola Petrovic
The IMO Compendium : A Collection of Problems Suggested for The International Mathematical Olympiads: 1959-2004
760 pages
ISBN 0-387-24299-6
Peter Komjath and Vilmos Totik
Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory
527 pages
ISBN 0-387-30293-X
T.Y. Lam
Exercises in Modules and Rings
375 pages
ISBN 0-387-98850-5
501 Algebra Questions
271 pages
ISBN 1-57685-552-X
501 Math Word Problems
224 pages
ISBN 1-57685-563-5
Harold Reiter
The Contest Problem, Book VII
Mathematical Association of America
200 pages
ISBN 0-88385-821-5
A. Storozhev
International Mathematics Tournament of Towns Book 5: 1997-2002
AMT Publishing
214 pages
ISBN 1-876420-19-2

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