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M. Ram Murty
Problems in Analytic Number Theory
452 pages
ISBN 0-387-95143-1
William P. Richardson
Mathematical Challenges IV
Scottish Mathematical Council
61 pages
ISBN 0-9532786-2-X
Jerry R. Shipman
Algebra & Trigonometry Problem Solver
Research & Education Association
1032 pages
ISBN 0-87891-508-7
Dimitris Alevras and Manfred W. Padberg
Linear Optimization and Extensions : Problems and Solutions
453 pages
ISBN 3-540-41744-3
Robert G. Bartle
Solutions Manual to a Modern Theory of Integration
American Mathematical Society
72 pages
ISBN 0-8218-2821-5
Ann Fisher
Problems of the day: Two math problems for every day of the school year
TS Denison
96 pages
ISBN 0-7424-0267-3
David A. Harville
Matrix Algebra: Exercises and Solutions
296 pages
ISBN 0-387-95318-3
Geoffrey R. Grimmett and David R. Stirzaker
One Thousand Exercises in Probability, 2nd revised edition
Oxford University Press
448 pages
ISBN 0-19-857221-2
Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
101 Problems in Algebra From the Training of the USA IMO Team
AMT Publishing
139 pages
ISBN 1-876420-12-X
Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
USA and International Mathematical Olympiads 2000
Mathematical Association of America
120 pages
ISBN 0883858045
Titu Andreescu and Razvan Gelca
Mathematical Olympiad Challenges
280 pages
ISBN 0817641556
Steven R. Conrad and Daniel Flegler
Math Contests, High School, Volume 4
Math League Press
ISBN 0940805146
Steven R. Conrad and Daniel Flegler
Math Contests Grades 4, 5, & 6
Math League Press
160 pages
ISBN 094080512X
W. J. Kaczor and M. T. Nowak
Problems in Mathematical Analysis II, 2nd edition
American Mathematical Society
398 pages
ISBN 0821820516
Andy Liu
Hungarian Problem Book III: based on the Eötvos Competitions 1929-1943
Mathematical Association of America
163 pages
ISBN 0883856441
Theodore M. Mills
Problems in Probability
World Scientific Publishing Company
192 pages
ISBN 981024598X
Istvan Reiman
Maths Olympiad
Anthem Press
ISBN 1-84331-064-3
David Mair
Exercises in Mathematics
Elibron Classics
492 pages.
ISBN 1-4021-6144-1 paperback 1-4021-0500-2 hardcover