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Bill Richardson
Mathematical Challenges V: Problems and Solutions from the Years 2000 to 2003
Scottish Mathematical Council
67 pages
ISBN 0-9532786-4-6
John J. Watkins
Across the Board : The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems
Princeton University Press
264 pages
ISBN 0-691-11503-6
Lewis Forsheit
Loving Math: Advanced Problems with Solutions, Applications and Comments
154 pages
ISBN 1-4120-2999-6
Daily Warm-ups For Math Word Problems
J.W. Walch Publisher
194 pages
ISBN 0-8251-5066-3
Practice Problems in Discrete Mathematics
Prentice Hall
ISBN 0130458031
Paul D. Berger, Samuel C. Hanna, and Robert E. Maurer
101 Special Practice Problems in Probability and Statistics, 2nd edition
Marsh Publications
ISBN 0-9713130-8-3
Stanislaw M. Ulam
Problems in Modern Mathematics
Dover Publications
176 pages
ISBN 0-486-49583-3
1001 Math Problems, 2nd edition
176 pages
ISBN 1-57685-512-0
Willi-Hans Steeb, Yorick Hardy, Alexandre Hardy and Ruedi Stoop
Problems & Solutions In Scientific Computing With C++ And Java Simulations
World Scientific Publishing Company
420 pages
ISBN 981-256-125-0 pbk, 981-256-112-9 hc
208 pages
ISBN 1-57685-425-6
Ayman Badawi
Abstract Algebra Manual: Problems and Solutions, 2nd edition
Nova Science Pub
ISBN 1-59033-924-X
Titu Andreescu
USA & International Mathematical Olympiads 2002
Mathematical Association of America
ISBN 0883858150
Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
103 Trigonometry Problems : From the Training of the USA IMO Team
214 pages
ISBN 0817643346
Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
USA & International Mathematical Olympiads 2003
Mathematical Association of America
104 pages
ISBN 0883858177
Ross Honsberger
Mathematical Delights
Mathematical Association of America
264 pages
ISBN 0-88385-334-5
William Briggs
Ants, Bikes & Clocks: Problem Solving For Undergraduates
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
168 pages
ISBN 0-89871-574-1
S Gueron
Hungary-Israel Mathematics Competition
AMT Publishing
181 pages
ISBN 1-876420-15-4
B. J. Lazarov, Jordan B. Tabov, Peter J. Taylor, and A. M. Storozhev
Bulgarian Mathematics Competition 1992-2001
AMT Publishing
168 pages
ISBN 1-876420-17-0
B. Henry, L. Mottershead, A. Edwards, J. McIntosh, A. Nakos, K. Sims, A. Thomas, and G. Vardaro
Problems to Solve in Middle School Mathematics
AMT Publishing
174 pages
ISBN 1-876420-18-9
Paulo Ney de Souza and Jorge-Nuno Silva
Berkeley Problems in Mathematics, 3rd edition
Springer Verlag
616 pages
ISBN 0-387-00892-6
George Polya and Gabor Szegö
Problems and Theorems in Analysis, volume I
389 pages
ISBN 3-540-63640-4
George Polya and Gabor Szegö
Problems and Theorems in Analysis, volume II
392 pages
ISBN 3-540-63686-2
J. Michael Steele
The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class : An Introduction to the Art of Mathematical Inequalities
316 pages
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 052154677X pbk, 0521837758 hb
Andrew Field
The Great Math Experience : Engaging Problems for Middle School Mathematics
Trafford Publishing
106 pages
ISBN 141201509X
Zhong-Qi Ma and Xiao-Yan Gu
Problems & Solutions in Group Theory for Physicists
World Scientific Publishing Company
464 pages
ISBN 9812388338 pbk, 981238832X hb
Gerald L. Alexanderson, Leonard F. Klosinski, and Loren C. Larson
The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition : Problems and Solutions 1965-1984
Mathematical Association of America
160 pages
ISBN 0883854635
M. Ram Murty and Jody Esmonde
Problems in Algebraic Number Theory, 2nd edition
352 pages
ISBN 0-387-22182-4
Richard K. Guy
Unsolved Problems in Number Theory, 3rd edition
438 pages
ISBN 0-387-20860-7