On-line glossary of technical notation

This document gives definitions for many of the symbols, mathematical functions, and abbreviations used in technical documents.

How to use this glossary:

Given an unknown symbol, select the character or heading from the list below that most closely resembles that unknown symbol and then go to that page. For example, the symbol consisting of three short parallel horizontal lines looks like an equal sign (=), but with three lines instead of two. Thus, it would be listed under "=" in the following list. A circle with a slash through it might be listed under the letter O, or under circles, or under slash, or even all three.
Select the symbol that most closely resembles the one you are looking for:
A higher quality version of this document is available as a dvi file. We also maintain an online dictionary of mathematical terms, that readers may find of interest.

Comments and suggestions about this on-line glossary are welcome. Send mail to symbolist@MathProPress.com. We would like to hear about symbols that are missing from our list.

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Notation glossary last modified February 22, 1995.