Mathematics Problems on the Web

On this page, we try to identify and list all sources of mathematics problems on the Internet and related information. Please advise us if you know of any sources that we are missing.

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Problem Columns from Mathematics Journals

Many mathematics journals contain problem columns. They invite readers to send in solutions to the problems. The best solution submitted gets printed in a future issue along with the names of all the solvers.

We list below only a few of the journals that are currently running problem columns. You are welcome to try your hand at solving these problems. Solutions should be sent to the appropriate problem column editor (not to MathPro Press).

Problem Columns on the World Wide Web

Mathematics Problems on the World Wide Web


The following newsgroups are devoted to math problems or puzzles or contain a fair amount of math problems (among other topics).

Problem Columns via Electronic Mail

Journals with problem columns

On-line Bookstores that stock Problem Books

Miscellaneous information

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