Puzzle Books

101 Mathematical Puzzles and how to solve them
    Don Reinfeld and David Rice
    Printed Arts, New York: 1977

150 Puzzles in Crypt-Arithmetic
    Maxey Brooke
    Dover Publications, New York: 1963
    Paperback. 72 pages.    ISBN 0-486-21039-1     LCCN 63-17901

A Challenging Book of Logic Puzzles
    Alan Wareham
    Sterling Publishing Company, New York: 1991
    Paperback. 144 pages.    ISBN 0-7063-6946-7    

A Problem a Day
    R. M. Lucey
    Faber & Faber, Great Britain: 1937
    Paperback. 231 pages.    

After Math: Puzzles and brainteasers
    Edward J. Barbeau
    Will & Emerson, Dayton, OH: 1995
    Paperback. 198 pages.    ISBN 0-921332-42-4     LCCN 95-215073

Amazing Mathematical Amusement Arcade
    Brian Bolt
    Cambridge, New York: 1984
    Paperback. 130 pages.    ISBN 0-521-26980-6     LCCN 84-3219

Ancient Puzzles: Classic brain teasers and other timeless mathematical games of the last 10 centuries
    Dominic Olivastro
    Bantam Books, New York: 1993
    Paperback. 280 pages.    ISBN 0-553-37297-1     LCCN 93-1985

Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into
    Ian Stewart
    W. H. Freeman, New York: 1992
    Hardcover. 269 pages.    ISBN 0-7167-2341-7     LCCN 92-013455

Are You As Smart As You Think?: 150 Original Mathematical, Logical, and Spatial-Visual Puzzles for All Levels of Puzzle Solvers
    Terry H. Stickels
    St. MartinŐs Press, New York: 2000
    Hardcover. 111 pages.    ISBN 0-312-20911-8     LCCN 99-088900

Brainteasers and Mindbenders
    Ben Hamilton
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1979
    Paperback. 193 pages.    ISBN 0-13-080945-4     LCCN 81-1748

CalibanŐs Problem Book: Mathematical, inferential and cryptographic puzzles
    Hubert Phillips, S. T. Shovelton, and G. Struan Marshall
    Dover Publications, New York: 1961
    Unknown binding. 180 pages.    

Can You Solve These?
    David Wells
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1982
    Paperback. 76 pages.    ISBN 0-13-114074-4    

Can You Solve These?
    David Wells
    Tarquin Publications, City of publication unknown: 1982

Can You Solve These?
    David Wells
    Tarquin Publications, City of publication unknown: 1984

Can You Solve These?
    David Wells
    Tarquin Publications, City of publication unknown: 1986

Challenging Coin Games and Puzzles
    Maxey Brooke
    Dover Publications, New York: 1963
    Paperback. 93 pages.    ISBN 0-486-22893-2    

Conned Again, Watson: Cautionary tales of logic, math and probability
    Colin Bruce
    Harper Collins, New York: 2001
    Hardcover. 290 pages.    ISBN 0-7382-0345-9    

Cryptarithms and other Arithmetical Pastimes
    N. J. Kuenzi and Bob Prielipp
    School Science and Mathematics Association, City of publication unknown: 1979
    Paperback. 54 pages.    

Cyclopedia of Five Thousand Puzzles, Tricks and Conundrums
    Sam Loyd
    Biblo-Moser, City of publication unknown: 1993
    Hardcover.    ISBN 0-8196-2784-4    

Dr. Crypton and His Problems: Mind Benders from Science Digest
    Dr. Crypton
    St. MartinŐs Press, New York: 1982
    Paperback. 180 pages.    ISBN 0-312-21476-6     LCCN 82-5720

Duelling Idiots and other Probability Puzzlers
    Paul J. Nahin
    Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ: 2000
    Hardcover. 269 pages.    ISBN 0-691-00979-1     LCCN 99-87353

Eureka!: Math fun from many angles
    David B. Lewis
    Perigee, New York: 1983
    Paperback. 201 pages.    ISBN 0-399-50710-8     LCCN 82-18997

Geometry Problems my Students have Written
    Ruth Carwell Kespohl
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, VA: 1979
    Paperback. 87 pages.    ISBN 0-87353-142-6     LCCN 79-13880

Hard-to-solve Brainteasers: Official American Mensa puzzle book
    Jaime Poniachik and Lea Poniachik
    Sterling Publishing Company, New York: 1998
    Hardcover. 93 pages.    ISBN 0-8069-6153-8     LCCN 98-205711

MadachyŐs Mathematical Recreations
    Joeseph S. Madachy
    Dover Publications, New York: 1979
    Paperback. 247 pages.    ISBN 0-486-23762-1     LCCN 78-74116

Mathemagic Magic, Puzzles and Games With Numbers
    Royal V. Heath
    Dover Publications, New York: date of publication unknown
    Paperback. 127 pages.    ISBN 0-486-20110-4    

Mathematical Bafflers
    Angela Fox Dunn
    Dover Publications, New York: 1980
    Paperback. 217 pages.    ISBN 0-486-23961-6     LCCN 79-056810

Mathematical Brain Benders: 2nd miscellany of puzzles
    Stephen Barr
    Dover Publications, New York: 1982
    Paperback. 224 pages.    ISBN 0-486-24260-9     LCCN 81-19527

Mathematical Byways in Ayling, Beeling, and Ceiling
    A volume in the series Recreations in Mathematics
    Hugh ApSimon
    Oxford University Press, Oxford: 1984
    Hardcover. 97 pages.    ISBN 0-19-853201-6     LCCN 83-013512

Mathematical Fun, Games and Puzzles
    Jack Frohlichstein
    Dover Publications, New York: 1967
    Paperback. 306 pages.    ISBN 0-486-20789-7     LCCN 75-5011

Mathematical Games
    Marie Berrondo
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1983
    Paperback. 211 pages.    ISBN 0-13-561381-7     LCCN 82-21540

Mathematical Games
    Marie Berrondo
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1983
    Hardcover. 211 pages.    ISBN 0-13-561399-X     LCCN 82-21540

Mathematical Games, Puzzles, and Fallacies
    Sydney Lamb
    Arco Publishing, New York: 1977
    Paperback. 71 pages.    ISBN 0-668-04092-0    

Mathematical Puzzlements: Play and Invention With Mathematics
    Herbert Kohl
    Schoken Books, New York: 1987
    Paperback. 210 pages.    ISBN 0-8052-4022-5     LCCN 86-20430

Mathematical Puzzles
    Stephen Ainley
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1977
    Paperback. 147 pages.    ISBN 0-13-561837-1     LCCN 82-18103

Mathematical Puzzles: and other brain twisters
    Anthony S. Filipiak
    A. S. Barnes & Co., New York: 1964
    Paperback. 120 pages.    

Mathematical Puzzles: and other brain twisters
    Anthony S. Filipiak
    Barnes & Noble, New York: 1978
    Paperback. 120 pages.    ISBN 0-517-01544-7     LCCN 78-15442

Mathematical Puzzles and Pastimes, 2nd edition
    Aaron Bakst
    Van Nostrand, New York: 1965
    Paperback. 240 pages.    

Mathematical Puzzles and Pastimes
    Philip Haber
    Peter Pauper Press, Mount Vernon, NY: 1957
    Hardcover. 62 pages.    

Mathematical Puzzles and Perplexities: How to make the most of them
    Claude Birtwistle
    George Allen & Unwin, London: 1971
    Hardcover. 202 pages.    ISBN 0-04-510036-5     LCCN 72-193923

Mathematical Puzzles for Beginners and Enthusiasts
    Geoffrey Mott-Smith
    Dover Publications, New York: 1954
    Paperback. 248 pages.    ISBN 0-486-20198-8    

Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd
    Sam Loyd and Martin Gardner
    Dover Publications, City of publication unknown: 1959
    Paperback. 167 pages.    ISBN 0-486-20498-7    

Mathematical Puzzling
    A. Gardiner
    Dover Publications, New York: 1999
    Paperback. 155 pages.    ISBN 0-486-40920-1     LCCN 99-45604

Mathematical Recreations
    Maurice Kraitchik
    Dover Publications, New York: 1953
    Hardcover. 330 pages.    

Mathematical Teasers
    Julio A. Mira
    Barnes & Noble, New York: 1970
    Paperback. 279 pages.    ISBN 0-389-00261-5     LCCN 74-101122

Mathematics and Chess: 110 entertaining problems and solutions
    Miodrag Petkovic
    Dover Publications, Mineola, NY: 1997
    Hardcover. 132 pages.    ISBN 0-486-29432-3     LCCN 97-008398

Mathematics on Vacation
    Joseph S. Madachy
    Thomas Nelson & Sons, Melbourne, CT: 1966
    Hardcover. 251 pages.    

Miscellany of Puzzles: Mathematical and otherwise
    Stephen Barr
    Vali-Ballou Press, Binghamton, NY: 1965
    Paperback. 164 pages.     LCCN 65-14905

More Games for the Super Intelligent
    James F. Fixx
    CBS Consumer Publishing, New York: 1976
    Paperback. 143 pages.    ISBN 0-445-04114-5     LCCN 76-7695

More Math Teasers
    Joseph Degrazia
    Emerson Books, Buchanan, NY: 1954
    Paperback.    ISBN 06-463371-5    

More Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd
    Sam Loyd
    Dover Publications, City of publication unknown: 1959
    Paperback.    ISBN 0-486-20709-9    

More Number Puzzles
    Kenneth Kelsey
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1982
    Paperback. 107 pages.    ISBN 0-13-601112-8     LCCN 82-5354

More Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Brain Teasers
    Stan Gibilisco
    Tab Books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA: 1989
    Hardcover. 140 pages.    ISBN 0-8306-3295-6     LCCN 89-035336

My Best Puzzles in Mathematics
    Hubert Philips and Katharine A. Phillips
    Dover Publications, New York: 1961
    Paperback. 107 pages.    ISBN 0-486-20091-4     LCCN 61-66241

Nearly Impossible Brain Bafflers
    Tim Sole and Rod Marshall
    Sterling Publishing Company, New York: 1998
    Hardcover. 95 pages.    ISBN 0-8069-6293-3     LCCN 98-034853

New math puzzle book
    L. H. Longley-Cook
    Van Nostrand, New York: 1970
    Unknown binding. 176 pages.     LCCN 74-090312

Nuevos Acertijos de Sam Loyd
    Sam Loyd
    Ediciones Granica, S.A., City of publication unknown: 1989
    Paperback. unknown.    ISBN 9506410895    

Puzzle it Out: Cubes, groups and puzzles
    John Ewing and Czes Kosniowski
    Cambridge University Press, New York: 1982
    Paperback. 64 pages.    ISBN 0-521-28924-6    

Puzzle Quiz and Stunt Fun
    Jerome Meyer
    Dover Publications, New York: 1972
    Paperback. 249 pages.    ISBN 0-486-20337-9    

Puzzlement: Damn Tough Puzzles
    Gerald E. Ambinder
    Rampage, Danbury, CT: 1974
    Paperback. 58 pages.    ISBN 0-914690-01-9     LCCN 74-81291

PuzzlerŐs Tribute
    David Wolfe and Tom Rogers
    A K Peters, Natick, MA: 2002
    Hardcover. 420 pages.    ISBN 1-56881-121-7     LCCN 2001-036581

Puzzles and Paradoxes: Fascinating excursions in recreational mathematics
    T. H. OŐBeirne
    Dover Publications, New York: 1965
    Paperback. 238 pages.    ISBN 0-486-24613-2     LCCN 83-20548

Puzzles for Geniuses: I
    David Pritchard
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1984
    Hardcover. 160 pages.    ISBN 0-13-744616-0     LCCN 84-8401

Puzzles for Superbrains: A Personal Selection of Old and New Puzzles Compiled with the Help of Mensa
    Steve Odell
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1982
    Paperback. 80 pages.    ISBN 0-13-744680-2     LCCN 82-5340

Puzzles in Math and Logic: 100 new creations
    Aaron J. Friedland
    Dover Publications, New York: 1970
    Paperback. 66 pages.    ISBN 0-486-22256-X     LCCN 72-130639

Puzzles Old and New: How to make and solve them
    Jerry Slocum and Jack Botermans
    Plenary Publications International, De Meern, The Netherlands: 1987
    Paperback. 156 pages.    ISBN 0-295-96579-7    

Puzzles & Paradoxes
    T. H. OŐBeirne
    Oxford University Press, New York: 1965
    Hardcover. 238 pages.     LCCN 65-23570

Puzzles, Patterns and Pastimes: From the world of mathematics
    Charles F. Linn
    Doubleday, Garden City, NY: 1969
    Paperback.     LCCN 69-15190

Puzzles, Problems and Pastimes for the Superintelligent
    Victor Serebriakoff
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1982
    Paperback. 131 pages.    ISBN 0-13-744656-X     LCCN 82-21510

Puzzling Posers
    J. Travers
    George Allen & Unwin, London: 1952
    Paperback. 80 pages.    

Riddles in Mathematics: A book of paradoxes
    Eugene P. Northrop
    Van Nostrand, New York: 1944

Sam Loyd's Book of Tangram Puzzles: 700 Tangrams by Sam Loyd
    Sam Loyd
    Dover Publications, City of publication unknown: 1979
    Paperback.    ISBN 0-486-22011-7    

Sam Loyd's Cyclopedia of 5,000 Puzzles, Tricks , and Conundrums
    Sam Loyd
    Oak Tree Publications, City of publication unknown: 1976
    Hardcover.    ISBN 0-498-01996-9    

Second Book of Mathematical Bafflers
    Angela Fox Dunn
    Dover Publications, New York: 1983
    Paperback. 186 pages.    ISBN 0-486-24352-4     LCCN 82-9473

Sliding Piece Puzzles
    L. E. Hordern
    Oxford University Press, New York: 1986
    Hardcover. 249 pages.    ISBN 0-19-853204-0     LCCN 86-18204

Solve it!: A perplexing profusion of puzzles
    James F. Fixx
    Doubleday, Garden City, NY: 1978
    Hardcover. 94 pages.    ISBN 0-385-13040-6     LCCN 77-025589

Solve It!
    James F. Fixx
    Warner Books, New York: 1978
    Paperback. 126 pages.    ISBN 0-446-31080-8    

Solve this: math activities for students and clubs
    James Stuart Tanton
    Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC: 2001
    Hardcover. 218 pages.    ISBN 0-88385-717-0     LCCN 20-02278862

Super-Puzzles: 131 causes for celebration-and how to solve them
    Jean-Caude Baillif
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1982
    Paperback. 120 pages.    ISBN 0-13-876193-0     LCCN 81-21112

The Chicken from Minsk: and 99 Other Infuriatingly Challenging Brain Teasers from the Great Russian Tradition of Math and Science
    Yuri Chernyak and Robert M. Rose
    Basic Books, New York: 1995
    Paperback. 190 pages.    ISBN 0-465-07127-9     LCCN 95-1874

The Complete Puzzler: The puzzle-lovers compendium of ultimate challenges
    Gyles Brandreth
    St. MartinŐs Press, New York: 1982
    Paperback. 190 pages.    ISBN 0-312-15839-4     LCCN 82-10742

The Greatest Puzzles of all Times
    Mathew J. Costello
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1988
    Paperback. 181 pages.    ISBN 0-13-364936-9     LCCN 87-43150

The Master Book of Mathematical Recreations
    Fred Schuh
    Dover Publications, New York: 1968
    Paperback. 430 pages.    ISBN 0-486-22134-2     LCCN 68-28064

The Math Entertainer: Teasers, ticklers, twisters, traps and tricks
    Philip Heafford
    Emerson Books, New York: 1983
    Paperback. 176 pages.    ISBN 0-394-71374-5     LCCN 82-40420

The Moscow Puzzles: 359 mathematical recreations
    Boris A. Kordemsky
    Charles Scribner & Sons, New York: 1972
    Paperback. 309 pages.     LCCN 74-162770

The Puzzle King: Sam LoydŐs chess problems and selected mathematical puzzles
    Sid Pickard
    Pickard & Sons, Dallas, TX: 1996
    Paperback. 238 pages.    ISBN 10886846-05-7    

The PuzzlerŐs Paradise: From the Garden of Eden to the computer age
    Margaret Farrar and Helene Hovanec
    Paddington Press, New York: 1978
    Paperback. 160 pages.    ISBN 0-448-22423-2     LCCN 78-6508

The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Ecco
    Dennis Shasha
    W. H. Freeman, New York: 1988
    Paperback. 181 pages.    ISBN 0-7167-1978-9     LCCN 88-11302

The Sunday Times Book of Brain Teasers: 50 (very hard) master problems
    Victor Bryant and Ronald Postill
    St. MartinŐs Press, New York: 1982
    Paperback. 150 pages.    ISBN 0-312-77565-2     LCCN 81-21429

The Tokyo Puzzles
    Kobon Fujimura
    Charles Scribner & Sons, New York: 1978
    Unknown binding. 184 pages.    ISBN 0-684-15537-0     LCCN 77-26661

Timid Virgins Make Dull Company
    Dr. Crypton
    Viking Penguin, New York: 1984
    Paperback. 188 pages.    ISBN 0-14-008034-0    

Tricks, Games and Puzzles with Matches
    Maxey Brooke
    Dover Publications, New York: 1973
    Paperback. 59 pages.    ISBN 0-486-20178     LCCN 72-84816

Work this one out: 105 puzzling brain teasers
    L. H. Longley-Cook
    Crest, Greenwich, CT: 1962
    Paperback. 128 pages.    

World's Most Baffling Puzzles
    Charles Barry Townsend
    Sterling Publishing Company, New York: 1992
    Paperback. 128 pages.    ISBN 0-8069-5833-2    

Your Move
    David L. Silverman
    McGraw-Hill, New York: 1971
    Hardcover. 221 pages.     LCCN 75-77960