Number Theory Problems

250 Problems in Elementary Number Theory
    Volume 26 of the series Modern analytic and computational methods in science and mathematics
    Waclaw Sierpinski
    Elsevier, New York: 1970
    Hardcover. 125 pages.    ISBN 0-444-00071-2     LCCN 68-017472

A Selection of Problems in the Theory of Numbers
    Volume 11 of the series Popular Lectures in Mathematics
    Waclaw Sierpinski
    Pergamon Press, New York: 1964
    Hardcover. 126 pages.     LCCN 63-022531

Über einige neuere fortschritte der additiven zahlentheorie
    Edmund Landau
    Unknown publisher, Cambridge: 1937
    Unknown binding. German.     LCCN 37022089

Old and new problems and results in combinatorial number theory
    Paul Erdos
    L'Enseignement mathématique, Université de Genève, Genève: 1980
    Unknown binding. 128 pages.     LCCN 81-131486

On Some of the SmarandacheÕs Problems, Vol. 1
    Krassimir T. Atanasson and M. L. Perez
    American Research Press, Lupton, AZ: 1999
    Paperback. 88 pages.    ISBN 1-879585-72-3    

Problems in Algebraic Number Theory
    Volume 190 of the series Graduate texts in mathematics
    Jody Esmonde and M. Ram Murty
    Springer-Verlag, New York: 1999
    Hardcover. 314 pages.    ISBN 0-387-98617-0     LCCN 98-030323

Theory of Numbers: a Text and Source Book of Problems
    Andrew Adler
    Jones and Bartlett, City of publication unknown: 1995
    Unknown binding.    ISBN 0-86720-472-9