Problems about Algorithms

Computational and Algorithmic Problems in Finite Fields
    Igor E. Shparlinski
    Kluwer Academic, City of publication unknown: 1993
    Hardcover. 240 pages.    ISBN 0-7923-2057-3    

Exercices et probl¸mes d'algorithmique : 144 ˇnoncˇs avec solutions dˇtaillˇes
    Bruno Baynat, Philippe Chrˇtienne, Claire Hanen, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum, Alix Munier-Kordon, and Christophe Picouleau
    Dunod, Paris: 2003
    Paperback. 452 pages. French.    ISBN 2-10-006958-6    

Nouveaux Exercices dÕalgorithmique
    M. Quercia
    Unknown publisher, City of publication unknown: 2000
    Paperback. 144 pages. French.    ISBN 2-7117-8990-X    

Problems on Algorithms
    Ian Parberry
    Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 1995
    Hardcover. 179 pages.    ISBN 0-13-433558-9     LCCN 94-048519