Books with Problems
from the
International Mathematical Olympiads

Titu Andreescu, Zuming Feng, and Po-Shen Loh
USA and International Mathematical Olympiads 2004
Mathematical Association of America
100 pages
ISBN 0-88385-819-3
Istvan Reiman
International Mathematical Olympiad: 1959-1975
Anthem Press
212 pages
ISBN 1843311984
Steve Olson
Count Down : The Race for Beautiful Solutions at the International Mathematical Olympiad
Mariner Books
256 pages (paperback)
ISBN 0618562125
Steve Olson
Count Down : Six Kids Vie for Glory at the World's Toughest Math Competition
Houghton Mifflin
256 pages (hardcover)
ISBN 0618251413
Titu Andreescu
USA & International Mathematical Olympiads 2002
Mathematical Association of America
ISBN 0-88385-815-0
Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
USA & International Mathematical Olympiads 2003
Mathematical Association of America
104 pages
ISBN 0-88385-817-7
Marcin E. Kuczma,
International Mathematical Olympiads, 1986-1999
Mathematical Association of America
208 pages
ISBN 0-88385-811-8
Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
USA and International Mathematical Olympiads 2001
Mathematical Association of America
130 pages
ISBN 0-88385-809-6
Istvan Reiman
International Mathematical Olympiad: 1959 - 1999
Anthem Press
471 pages
ISBN 1-89885-548-X
Dusan Djukic, Vladimir Z. Jankovic, Ivan Matic, and Nikola Petrovic
The IMO Compendium : A Collection of Problems Suggested for The International Mathematical Olympiads: 1959-2004
Springer Verlag
760 pages
ISBN 0387242996
Samuel L. Greitzer
International Mathematical Olympiads, 1959-1977
Mathematical Association of America
204 pages
ISBN 0-88385-627-1
Murray S. Klamkin
International Mathematical Olympiads; and Forty Supplementary Problems, 1978-1985
Mathematical Association of America
154 pages
ISBN 0-88385-631-X
Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
USA and International Mathematical Olympiads 2000
Mathematical Association of America
120 pages
ISBN 0-88385-804-5
Istvan Reiman
International Mathematics Olympiad: 1991-2004
Anthem Press
182 pages
ISBN 1843312042
Derek Holton
International Mathematical Olympiad Problems
Mathematical Association
ISBN 0906588189
Istvan Reiman
International Mathematics Olympiad, 1976-1990
Anthem Press
194 pages
ISBN 1843311992 hc, 184331200X pbk
Jean-Pierre Boudine, François Lo Jacomo, et Roger Cuculière
Les olympiades internationales de mathematiques
Éditions du Choix
219 pages
ISBN 2-909028-26-7
Paul Bourgade
Annales des olympiades internationales de mathématiques : 1976-2005
325 pages
ISBN 2842250877
Mohammed Aassila
Olympiades internationales de mathématiques
Ellipses Marketing
160 pages
ISBN 2729815260
Bruce Shawyer
36th International Mathematical Olympiad
Canadian Mathematical Society
347 pages
ISBN 0-919558-09-7
Hanns-Heinrich Langmann
30th Internaional Mathematical Olympiad, Braunschweig 1989
Bildung und Begabung
80 pages
ISBN 3-87066-213-1
W. P. Galvin, D. C. Hunt, and Peter Joseph O'Halloran
An Olympiad down under: a report on the 29th International Mathematical Olympiad in Australia
Australian Mathematics Foundation
247 pages
ISBN 0-7316-5118-9
Mircea Becheanu
International Mathematical Olympiads 1959-2000
Academic Distribution Center
ISBN 0-9640959-1-2
John C. Burns
Seeking Solutions: Discussion and solution of the problems from the International Mathematical Olympiads 1988-1990
Australian Mathematics Trust
89 pages
ISBN 1-876420-08-1
W. Engel, H.-D. Gronau, H.-H. Langmann, H. Sewerin
The German Teams at the International Mathematical Olympiads 1959-1998
Bildung und Begabung
Internationale Mathematik-Olympiaden I: 1959-1968
Manz-Verlag 1977
ISBN 3-7863-0358-4
Internationale Mathematik-Olympiaden II: 1969-1978
Manz-Verlag 1983
ISBN 3-7863-0359-2
Internationale Mathematik-Olympiaden III: 1979-1988
Manz-Verlag 1988
ISBN 3-7863-0820-9

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