Index to Mathematical Problems 1980-1984


Stanley Rabinowitz received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the Polytechnic University (of New York) working under the direction of Erwin Lutwak in the areas of convexity, combinatorics, and number theory. Professionally, he is a software engineer and computer consultant, but math problem solving has been his hobby most of his life. He has had over 300 problems published and is a regular contributor, both as solver and proposer, to the problem columns of over a dozen journals from around the world.

Dr. Rabinowitz has been associated with the MAA’s committee on the American Mathematical Competitions for over 15 years. He belongs to many professional societies, including AMS, MAA, SIAM, ACM and the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions. He was the editor for the elementary problem column in The Fibonacci Quarterly for many years.

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